Gastrointestinal Cancer Program (GICP)

GICP Mission: To understand the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of GI cancers, identify and validate new diagnostic and prognostic tools for GI cancer management, and develop new therapeutic options for patients with GI malignancies

To address this mission, the GICP has been organized into three interactive themes with the following goals:




Mechanisms of GI Tumorigenesis




Novel Treatment Approaches

Understand basic mechanisms of GI tumorigenesis and identify abnormalities that may serve as novel biomarkers or therapeutic targets

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Develop and validate biomarkers for GI cancer detection, prognosis, and risk stratification

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Explore novel treatment approaches for GI cancers in preclinical models and clinical trials

Program Leaders:

Jennifer Black, Ph.D.

Jennifer Black, PhD 
Professor, Eppley Institute


Sarah Thayer, M.D., Ph.D.

Sarah Thayer, MD, PhD
Professor & Division Chief, Surgical Oncology
Associate Director, Clinical Affairs, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer