User Enrollments

UNMC is currently working with NeSIS (Nebraska Technical Support Team) to automate the enrollment process for Canvas courses. The identified milestone is to begin testing in late July 2017 or August 2017, with a fully functioning process for the Spring 2018 semester. Prior to enrolling users, please verify the users have been created in the Canvas system.

NOTE: Users MUST have a Canvas account BEFORE the Instructor can enroll the user into the course. See User Accounts for more information

Enrolling Users into a Course

Currently, there are are two different methods for enrolling students into a course:

Method one: Complete this spreadsheet and email to The file will then be imported into Canvas within 24 hours except for recognized holidays. 

Method two:

    1. Log into Canvas
    2. Navigate to the desired course you wish to enroll users
    3. Click "People" from the left-hand menu (might be grayed out if you have it hidden from users)
    4. Click the "+ People" button located on the right-hand side of the people page
    5. Type or paste in the list of email addresses of the users to enroll
      separate each email address with a comma or press Enter on the keyboard after each email address to input a line between each address
    6. Click the "Next" button located at the right-hand bottom corner of the Add People dialog box
      If the data has been entered correctly, a green check mark and a message stating "the following users are ready to be added to the course" will be displayed
      If any user is not in the Canvas system or there was a typographical error, an orange exclamation point will be displayed.  Email the list of users to be created to
    7. Click the "Next" button > all of the users have been added to the course.