Spring 2018: Canvas Webinar Training for Faculty and Staff

Canvas webinar training will be offered at UNMC on the Omaha campus, the College of Nursing Lincoln, Norfolk and Scottsbluff Division campuses and the College of Dentistry in Lincoln. The training schedule is listed in the UNMC campus calendar and a full list of Webinar sessions, descriptions, dates, and locations.

  • The webinars are drop in sessions -- no registration is necessary
  • UNMC has purchased a limited number of webinar logins, participation in the webinar series is only offered at the specified locations/dates.

Session Topics include:

  • Course Design Considerations
  • Course Basics
  • The Student Experience
  • Master Paths Introduction
  • Master Paths Creation
  • Assignments
  • Quiz Basics
  • Accessibility
  • Templates for Blueprint
  • Data for Teachers
  • Office 365 LTI Tips
  • Outcomes and Rubrics for Instructors

Student Training

College of Public Health (Analisa McMillan, MSEd: Director of Distance Learning) created video overview for the students. 
Click to view video

Online Training

Canvas training has two recorded courses available for playback. NOTE: to play the recording the Adobe Connect Add-In Installer will need to be installed on your computer. The installation requires computer administrator rights. Contact UNMC Help Desk at 402-559-7700 or to request the installation of the Adobe Connect Add-In Installer.

  1. Recording: First Look
  2. Recording: Course Basics

There are three self-paced Canvas training courses available, please email to request enrollment in one or all of the courses.

  1. Canvas Challenge from Canvas Resources
  2. Introduction to Canvas
  3. Canvas 101 from UNL


Training Available on Other UN Campus Locations

You are welcome to attend any of the following Canvas Training:
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Enter “canvas” in the search box

University of Nebraska - Kearney
Instructional Technology Group
ITS Workshops
If attendees want to attend via Zoom, they will need to make a note in the comments section of the registration.  Otherwise, the trainings are face-to-face in Otto Olsen 202.

University of Nebraska at Omaha