Investigative Partners

NASA: Human Research Program.  
As our nation’s space program grows more sophisticated, its objectives and goals become more ambitious and challenging. NASA’s Human Research Program explores the best methods and innovative technologies to ensure productive and safe space travel for their astronauts on future missions. UNMC CAST has partnered with NASA's Human Research Program to bring miniature, surgical robots to space. We are developing surgical robots that can be used by astronauts during medical emergencies on long-term missions.

System Science
Funded by the State of Nebraska, the Nebraska Research Initiative encourages collaborative research efforts to enhance growth in the fields of business and industry, agriculture, social services and healthcare. UNMC CAST has been sponsored by the Nebraska Research Initiative to build advanced surgical devices with telemedicine capabilities. This technology will help diagnose and surgically treat patients in rural areas.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) 
Surgery is trending towards less invasive procedures, since reduction in surgical trauma results in improved patient outcomes accompanied by substantially reduced cost. In the quest for decreased invasiveness, natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) has emerged, with its goal of incisionless, noninvasive surgery. This concept, although accepted somewhat among surgeons, has yet to be successfully implemented on an appreciable scale due to a lack of enabling tools and technology. Our primary goal is to develop a multifunction robotic platform for natural orifice surgery, allowing technological difficulties of dexterity, size, multifunctionality, and force transmission to be remedied and providing the necessary functionality to perform NOTES procedures.

U.S. Army Medical Department: Medical Research and Materiel Command 
The U.S. Army Medical Department of Medical Research and Materiel Command works to promote research and development of innovative technologies needed to help maintain optimal health and capabilities on the battlefield. Partnering with the U.S. Army Medical Department, UNMC CAST works to bring surgical robots to the battlefield by developing technology that can be used by military personnel during combat emergencies.