UNMC College of Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine is to improve the health of Nebraska through premier educational programs, innovative research, the highest quality patient care, and outreach to underserved populations.

UNMC CCE Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Center for Continuing Education is to support the continuing professional development of healthcare professionals within Nebraska, the region, and the nation.

Content Areas
The content of the educational programs sponsored by the UNMC Center for Continuing Education includes primary care, specialty and sub-specialty topics as well as other professional development activities.

Types of Activities 
The UNMC Center for Continuing Education, sponsors a variety of activities including regularly scheduled series, courses, and enduring materials. The methods of instruction are varied to offer different types of learning experiences to appeal to diverse and individual learning styles and practice setting requirements. They include live conferences; interactive audio, video and electronic programs; web-based self-study materials, and simulation.

Target Audience
The Center for Continuing Education sponsors a range of educational activities for primary care and specialty physicians as well as other health care professionals, including faculty trainees and staff at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.

Expected Results of the Program
The goal of the UNMC Center for Continuing Education is to improve the competence and performance of healthcare providers and, when possible, to improve patient outcomes. UNMC CCE is committed to assessing the impact of its programs through qualitative and quantitative methods.