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36th Annual Convention AIIMSONIANS OF AMERICA

Old Ties - New Friends

The AIIMSonians of America is an alumni association of graduates from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Graduates from this institution are in various stages of their professional careers. They represent the wide gamut of medical practice including academic medicine, private practice, medical research and administration. Members also span the spectrum of medical specialties from general (family) practice to niche subspecialties such as neuro-ophthalmology and pediatric endocrinology.

Exciting discoveries and practice-changing advances in medical research and technology continue to be made in every area of medicine, there is a fear that such knowledge may be secluded to the practitioners of their respective specialties. The goal of the annual conference of the AIIMSonians of America is to inform its members of current standards of care and recent advances.

36th AIIMSonians of America Annual Convention Organizing Committee

Againdra Bewtra   Againdra Bewtra, MD — Convention Chair
Class of 1963
  Deepta Ghate   Deepta Ghate, MD — Convention Co-Chair
Class of 1995
  Sachin Kedar   Sachin Kedar, MD — CME Chair
Class of 1992
Nitin Garg   Nitin Garg, MBBS, MPH 
Class of 1997
  Chhandra Bewtra, MD   Chhandra Bewtra, MD
Class of 1967
  Devi Krishnamurty   Devi Krishnamurty, MBBS
Class of 2001
Jairam Krishnamurthy   Jairam Krishnamurthy, MD, FACP
Class of 2000
  Jairam Krishnamurthy   Kailash Mosalpuria, MD
Class of 1999
  Anjan Talukdar   

Anjan Talukdar, MD
Class of 2000