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Tuesday, May 8

Resilience et al: Tools to Overcome Burnout

Presented by Sasha Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Tuesday, June 12

The Human Microbiome and the Impact of Antibiotic Prescriptions for Sinusitis

Presented by Christie Barnes, MD
Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Tuesday, July 10


Presented by Ashley Emmel, MSN, MBA, RN
Trauma Program Coordinator, Nebraska Medicine

Tuesday, August 14

Parathyroid Disease: Evaluation and Management

Presented by Abbey Fingeret, MD
Assistant Professor, Surgery – Surgical Oncology

Tuesday, September 11

Hereditary Breast Cancer Syndromes: Diagnosis and Management

Presented by Pavan Kumar Tandra, MBBS
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine – Oncology and Hematology

Tuesday, October 9

Preventing Cardiac Crisis

Presented by Abdulrahman Morad, MD
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine – Cardiovascular Medicine

Tuesday, November 13

Congestive Heart Failure: How to Treat and When to Refer

Presented by Douglas Stoller, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine – Cardiovascular Medicine