AgHealth 2021 — Session B Handouts

Thank you for joining us at the Agricultural Health and Safety Course for Medical and Safety Professionals - Session B.

Handouts noted in red are available for download until August 13, 2021. No part of the materials may be reproduced without prior written permission. 

Agenda and Course Information

Session B - Agricultural Safety and Prevention

Thursday, July 15

Agricultural Trauma
Aaron Yoder, PhD and Eric Ernest, MD, EMT-P

Virtual Farm Tour – Hazard Recognition; Noise Dosimetry; Machinery Description
Risto Rautiainen, PhD

Friday, July 16

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Agriculture: An Overview
Carolyn Sheridan, BSN

Selecting the Right PPE for the Job and for the Person
Carolyn Sheridan, BSN

Respirator Fit Testing
Carolyn Sheridan, BSN

Integrating Safety and Health into Healthcare Practice
Carolyn Sheridan, BSN

Supplementary Online Module

General Environmental Hazards in Agriculture
Risto Rautiainen, PhD

AgrAbility – A Resource for Farmers and Ranchers with Disabilities
Emily Freudenburg, MOT

Agricultural Resources for Health Professionals
Aaron Yoder, PhD

Prevention of Agricultural Injuries and Illnesses
Risto Rautiainen, PhD


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