Application Process

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PPLC Symposium


Symposium Proposals Due: January 14, 2022

Requirements and Procedures

To completely separate the scientific and educational content from commercial entities, and to comply with evolving rules and guidelines for accredited continuing education, symposia for the 2022 Pan Pacific Lymphoma Conference must comply with the following:

* Moore DE Jr. A framework for outcomes evaluation in the continuing professional development of physicians. In: Davis D, Barnes, BE, Fox R, eds. The Continuing Professional Development of Physicians: From Research to Practice. Chicago, IL: American Medical Association Press;2003:249-274.



Your Proposal Needs to Include

*UNMC will review symposium faculty to ensure that no one individual is overutilized or committed. In addition, UNMC recommends using one of the conference directors to participate as part of the symposium (i.e., moderator, panel member, speaker).

**Sample evaluation document must be submitted as part of the proposal, as well as, follow-up survey samples.