Clinical Research Education

Clinical Research Center is dedicated to providing education and training opportunities to the UNMC/NM research community. The CRC will host monthly educational workshops with various topics to include Regulatory, Clinical Operations, Finances, etc. Upcoming workshop dates are provided below. To sign up please email the workshop(s) and dates that you would like to attend to

CRC Hosted Monthly Education


Workshop Dates

Workshop: Date & Time:
CRC Services 

January 3rd @ 11:00am

March 5th @ 11:00am

May 2nd @ 11:00am

July 3rd @ 1:00pm

Navigating the CRC Website

*Upon Request

Study Intake

January 4th @ 10:00am

February 2nd @ 11:00am

March 7th @ 11:00am

April 5th @ 11:00am

May 6th @ 11:00am

June 3rd @ 11:00am

July 5th @ 11:00am

Institutional Requirements

January 9th @ 1:00pm

March 11th @ 9:00am

May 7th @ 1:00pm

July 10th @ 1:00pm

CRC Clinic Orientation

February 5th @ 1:00pm

April 8th @ 10:00am

June 5th @ 12:00pm

Coverage Analysis, Budgeting,

Research Pricing

 January 11th @ 9:00am

(Budget & Research Pricing)

February 7th @ 11:00am

(Coverage Analysis)

March 13th @ 11:00am

(Budget & Research Pricing)

April 10th @ 12:00pm

(Coverage Analysis)

May 10th @ 11:00am

(Budget & Research Pricing)

June 7th @ 11:00am

(Coverage Analysis)

July 12th @ 11:00am

(Budget & Research Pricing) 

Billing Grid & NM Research Billing

January 15th @ 11:00am

February 9th @ 1:00pm

March 15th @ 1:00pm

April 12th @ 1:00pm

May 14th @ 1:00pm

June 11th @ 1:00pm

July 16th @ 1:00pm

Regulatory Coordination

January 16th @ 2:00pm


February 12th @ 11:00am


March 18th @ 11:00a,


April 15th @ 11:00am


May 17th @ 11:00


June 14th @ 11:00am


July 17th @ 11:00am


New Hire Checklist


*Upon Request


Entering Research Orders in


 January 19th @ 2:00pm

March 20th @ 1:00pm

May 21st @ 1:00pm

July 23rd @ 1:00pm

Clinic Feasibility

February 20th @ 1:00pm 

April 17th @ 1:00pm

June 18th @ 1:00pm 

Research Monitor Access

(Coordinator Perspective)

 January 23rd @ 2:00pm

February 16th @ 11:00am

March 22nd @ 11:00am

April 24th @ 11:00am

May 24th @ 11:00pm

June 21st @ 11:00am

July 26th @ 11:00am

Clinical Trial Finance Education

(CTMS & Invoicing)

February 21st @ 11:00am

April 29th @ 11:00am

June 28th @ 11:00am


Workshop Descriptions

CRC Services: A general overview of all services offered by the Clinical Research Center as well as space and equipment offerings. 

Navigating the CRC Website: A brief walkthrough of the updated CRC website, associated pages and helpful information.

Study Intake: A review of the centralized intake process to triage and streamline study start-up activities. 

Institutional Requirements: An overview of the institutional requirements required by the Office of Regulatory Affairs. Requirements will vary based on study design and can include committee reviews, institutional signoffs and administrative reviews.

CRC Clinic Orientation: An overview of the Clinical Research Center Clinics, the services provided, SOPs and tips for success.

Coverage Analysis, Budgeting, Research Pricing: Coverage analysis is a systematic process that determines the Medicare qualifying status of a clinical trial and determines which items are billable to insurance. Budgeting provides education and tools regarding how budgets are developed, prices are determined and tips when negotiating with sponsors.

Billing Grid & NM Research Billing: An overview of research billing roles performed in CTMM (Clinical Trial Master Matrix) and CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) and explains the role of research billing from a billing compliance standpoint. Participants will be given tips and resources for successful subject visit linking in EPIC and documentation in CTMS. 

Regulatory Coordination: An overview of regulatory activities and requirements at start-up, during maintenance and at closure of a clinical trial. The monthly topic will rotate between Start-up, Maintenance and Closure.

New Hire Checklist: An overview of the CRC new hire checklist with required and recommended training opportunities for all research staff.

Entering Research Orders in OneChart: A review of the process for entering orders in OneChart for CRC specific clinical services, a demonstration and helpful tips.

Clinic Feasibility: An overview of the process CRC clinical staff use for reviewing feasibility of studies requesting CRC clinical services.

Research Monitor Access (Coordinator Perspective): This presentation will provide an overview on research monitor access including how to request IT support and helpful hints.

Clinical Trial Finance Education (CTMS & Invoicing): A detailed review of activities performed while executing financial tasks on clinical trials. Education will be focused on the various applications required to identify all applicable research costs and recovery through sponsor invoicing. 


Training Documents


Additional Education

The training requirements vary by role.