Study Monitoring

All Study Monitors are required to have an Active Directory (AD) account in order to access any of the systems at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine. After completing the below request form for the first time, a new account will be set up and the account information will be emailed to the monitor. For subsequent site visits, a monitor would still complete a visit request form but would use their account created previously.

For Study Monitors:

The below request form should be completed for each visit and sent to the study coordinator:

To access UNMC/Nebraska Medicine systems, the monitor needs to have an AD account. After completing the above request form for the first time, account information will be emailed to the monitor. Once the monitor is notified that an account is set up, this guide will walk through the process on setting up and accessing the necessary research applications:

If you have questions about this process, contact your study coordinator.

For Coordinators:

A guide has been created that can be referenced by Coordinators as they set up access for a Study Monitor's upcoming visit. Click the link below and log in to access the guide:

 A "frequently asked questions" document has been created with solutions to common questions regarding this process: