Fees & Services

Getting Started

Data may be requested by any UNMC faculty, Nebraska Medicine physician, or student, with the approval of their mentor, principal investigator or manager. 

Complete the Request Form for EHR services.  Assistance with filling out the EHR Service Request form may be requested from the Research Subject Advocate, Deborah Meyer, RN.

An initial consultation to discuss the feasibility and requirements of your project is recommended, please contact the EHR Director, Dr. Purnima Guda.


All Electronic Health Record Data Access projects are billed at the following rates:

Hourly Rate* $60.00
Expedited Hourly Rate $121.00
External Affiliates Hourly Rate $77.00

All projects requests must include a cost object to be billed for services.  Billing is processed monthly through the UNMC Research Support System.

*Certain preliminary searches may be subsidized by program project grants please inquire whether your study may qualify.  

Please cite Great Plains IDeA-CTR grant NIH U54GM115458/NIGMS NIH in publications utilizing these services.

Please cite Nebraska Medicine and the Center for Clinical & Translational Research in publications utilizing these services.

These rates are consistent with federal guidelines for financial stewardship published in OMB Circular A-21 and Circular A-133 and meet UNMC policies for uniform pricing (Policy #6107)