• Campus-Wide Interdisciplinary Partners

    Campus-Wide Interdisciplinary Partners

    Bringing different disciplines together to plan, promote, and support self-management research in patients, families, and communities to prevent and manage chronic health conditions

  • CENTRIC Pilot Grant Recipient: Kaleb Michaud, PhD & Elizabeth Mollard, PhD, RN

    CENTRIC Pilot Grant Recipient: Kaleb Michaud, PhD & Elizabeth Mollard, PhD, RN

    CENTRIC will fund pilot studies focused on improving self-management of chronic conditions every year.

  • Focused on Patient-Centered Research

    Focused on Patient-Centered Research

    We put an emphasis on scalable and practical health promotion, illness prevention, and chronic disease self-management

  • Promoting the Use of Technologies

    Promoting the Use of Technologies

    The Center seeks to fund studies that accelerate the use of technologies in the self-management for chronic conditions in urban, rural and under served populations.

CENTRIC funds pilot projects supporting self-management
CENTRIC funded two pilot projects in December 2017 that will support self-management of chronic conditions.   Read more...

CENTRIC calls for letters of intent due Sept 26, 2017
CENTRIC has released a request for proposals to fund one pilot in fall 2017 in the amount of $50,000.   Read more...

CENTRIC funds project supporting management of chronic conditions
The co-principal investigators are Corrine Hanson, Ph.D., College of Allied Health Professions, and Lynne Buchanan, Ph.D., College of Nursing   Read more...

CENTRIC funds pilot grants & sets deadline for 2nd pilot grant application
CENTRIC recently funded a pilot project for $40,000 and has just released its second call for applications due May 1st.   Read more...

CENTRIC sets Nov. 21 deadline for initial pilot grant submissions
CENTRIC seeks to support innovative pilot projects related to enhancing self-management of chronic conditions .   Read more...

Board of Regents approves new center to help people manage chronic conditions
The University of nebraska Board of Regents today approved plans to establish the Center for Patient Family and Community Engagement in Chronic Care Management.   Read more...