Former Post-Docs


 Bailey Hendricks

Bailey Hendricks, PhD

Current Postition: Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, UNMC

Bailey Hendricks first joined UNMC in September 2021.

She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 2018. Dr. Hendricks was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholar during her dissertation study: An Exploration of the Manifestation of Parentification Among Young Carers of a Parent with Huntington’s Disease. She received her PhD in Nursing from UAB in 2021. Dr. Hendricks has worked as a research assistant on studies primarily focused on caregiving, cancer survivorship, and community engagement. She is building a program of research exploring the experiences of young carers (children aged <18) in specific disease contexts, such as cancer, with the goal of improving awareness and support for this often-overlooked group of caregivers.  



Windy Alonso, PhD

Current Position: Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, UNMC

Windy Alonso first joined UNMC in July 2017. She obtained her PhD degree in Nursing from Penn State University. Windy's research focuses on identifying outcome disparities for patients with advanced heart failure undergoing ventricular assist device therapy. She will be working on a secondary analysis of data from UNMC maintained by the Interagency Registry of Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support to identify differences in clinical and patient-reported outcomes related to rural vs. urban residency. Windy’s goal is to be an independent nurse scientist at a research intensive institution to develop and test interventions aimed at addressing outcome disparities for rural patients with advanced heart failure. Dr. Alonso has been a faculty member at UNMC since 2021.



Alyson Hanish, PhD, MSN, RN

Current Position: Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, UNMC

Dr. Hanish obtained her PhD from the University of Iowa and first joined UNMC in June 2015 as a joint position with MMI and CON for the first year and 100% at the CON in the second year of the postdoc. Her long-term research goals are to contribute to evidence-based guidelines for sleep interventions for children and adolescents and further explore the interaction between sleep-related phenotypes, biology, and genetics in children and adolescents at-risk for sleep disturbances. Dr. Hanish has been a faculty member at UNMC since 2017. Faculty Bio