Nebraska Safe Routes

Nebraska Safe Routes to School Grants

Nebraska Safe Routes to School grants are now available!

Children deserve safe routes to school. Now, you can make it happen in your community. The Safe Routes program is designed to help schools and communities build and promote kid-friendly routes, so kids are able to walk and bike to school. The grants, benefiting elementary and middle school students, are divided into two categories: infrastructure (sidewalk and street crossing improvements, traffic diversion and bicycle facilities) and non-infrastructure (promotional materials, student bicycle and pedestrian safety education sessions). The deadline for indicating intent to apply for Safe Routes to School funds is December 1, 2006. There are funding opportunities for communities, schools, and local agencies.

For more information visit the Transportation Alternatives.

Potential Project Ideas: 

Engineering - Making physical improvements (sidewalk improvements, pedestrian and bicycle crossings, traffic calming devices, etc.) to create safer routes for children to walk or bike to school.
Enforcement - Helping drivers recognize and change their unsafe behavior.
Encouragement - Encouraging children to walk or bike to school by developing programs that make activity fun and rewarding.
Education - Educating children, parents, neighbors and drivers about safe techniques for walking and biking to school.