Thursday Taco Ride

Thursday Taco Rides on the Wabash Trail

The Wabash Trace Nature Trail is a rails to trails conversion completed in 1999 covering over 60 miles of scenic Iowa countryside.  It is a very busy place on Thursday evenings during the summer.  Many bikers ride the trail after work.  Mineola, the first town on the trail is 9.6 miles from the trailhead.  The first 6 miles is a gradual uphill to the ghost town of Dumfries.  A bench and a plaque by the side of the trail mark the site.  The last 3 miles is a gradual downhill into Mineola.  You probably won’t realize that you began your trip on an uphill until you notice the difference as you start to go down hill at Dumfries.  The Mineola Steak house is a popular gathering place.  It is the only place in the tiny town of Mineola.  Some riders continue down the trail to Silver City.  It is 4.3 miles from Mineola or about 14 miles from the trailhead.  There is one establishment in Silver City.  The next town is Malvern which is another eight miles down the trail if you’re looking for a 44 mile round trip ride.  Malvern is a little bigger than the first two towns and even has a grocery store.  

To get to the trailhead take I-29 south to Highway 92. This is the first exit after the I-80/I-29 split.  Turn right as you exit the interstate heading east on Highway 275. Turn right again at the intersection to head south on Highway 275.  The Iowa West Foundation Trailhead Park is on the west side of the road just south of Lewis Central Schools.  A current user pass is encouraged for all trail users ages 12-64 years.  Funds from user passes are used to maintain and develop the trail.  Annual and daily passes can be purchased at drop boxes located at several access points along the trail.  A daily pass is $1 and an annual pass costs $12.  For more information, please visit their website.