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∇ Closures and openings happen daily. Please check before heading out.

Flexibility - https://blog.unmc.edu/ne150-challenge/wp-content/uploads/sites/59/2018/06/Flexibility.pdf  

Steps - https://blog.unmc.edu/ne150-challenge/wp-content/uploads/sites/59/2018/06/Step-Up.pdf

Exercise Resources - https://blog.unmc.edu/ne150-challenge/exercise-resources/

Virtual Fitness Resources - https://blog.unmc.edu/ne150-challenge/wp-content/uploads/sites/59/2020/04/Virtual-Fitness-Resources.pdf

The Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN) in a partnership with Lotus House of Yoga are offering free online virtual yoga and meditation sessions.  BHECN will post an online session per day on the BHECN Serenity Project webpage and on BHECN's social media accounts.

Here are a variety of ways you can move your body today no matter where you are or how movement challenged you might be:

Omaha-area gyms are closing because of the coronavirus. Here's how to get in a home workout


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