Membership Specials



Interested in taking a class and/or using the equipment in the fitness center but don’t want to commit to a regular fitness center membership? Our new Fitness Pass might just be what you’ve been looking for!  It’s as simple as purchasing one of our three Fitness Pass packages.

Fitness Passes will be available in three packages:     
  • 5 pass package for $20
  • 10 pass package for $35
  • 15 pass package for $45

Fitness Pass packages are available to employees, retirees and spouses or significant others of employees, retirees and students. No ID cards will be issued with this type of membership.  Use your current ID to access the building.  Don’t have a UNMC ID?  Just call the front desk (402-559-5254) and the staff will let you in the front door.

To purchase Fitness Passes just stop by the front desk of the Center for Healthy Living located on in the Student Life Center (north side). Whenever you want to attend a class or use the fitness facility just stop by the front desk and tell our staff you have a Fitness Pass you want to use for admittance to the facility.  Each pass is good for one visit to the Center.  There is no time limit to each visit, no expiration date and they can be used for as many activities as you want to take advantage of in one visit.  Nothing is off-limits – aerobic equipment, weight equipment, fitness classes, fitness on demand, table tennis, basketball court, indoor walking track.  Facility hours can be found at, fitness class schedule can be found at

No card to carry you just need to stop by the front desk and tell our staff that you are using one of your passes!