Physical Activity



Exercise is physical activity which has the ability to affect physical fitness or health. 


Health related parameters of Physical Fitness

A health oriented approach to exercise should ideally include 3 major forms or types of activity. 

DYNAMIC ACTIVITY is aerobic exercise involving large muscle pumping rhythmically at an intensity which is capable of being sustained continuously. Examples include walking, running, cycling, rowing, stair climbing, cross country skiing, and aerobic dance or step classes. Dynamic activity not only exercises the working muscles but also works the heart and vascular system. It increases physical work capacity (the ability to work or play harder and tire less readily), is an effective means of burning calories, uses fat as fuel, and enhances fat metabolism. CFHL fitness class schedule.

The Goal:

RESISTIVE EXERCISE includes weight lifting and calisthenics. Specific muscles are worked so intensely by resisting motion that only a limited number of repetitions can be executed continuously. Resistive exercise develops and/or maintains muscular strength/endurance and muscle mass.

The Goal:

STRETCHING is a passive exercise done by sustaining a position at the extreme of the range of motion of a limb or body part that creates a stretch tension through which the muscle fibers can relax. It's purpose is to increase the extensibility of the connective tissue and decrease muscular tension.

The Goal: