Areas of Emphasis

The Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) created within its strategic plan the need to develop six Areas of Emphasis (AOE) as a mechanism for CHRI to perform impactful research and support child health researchers. The six CHRI AOE are Global Health; Genetics, Development, Exposure & Injuries; Pediatric Cancer; Lifespan Diseases; Heart Diseases; and Health Services, Policy & Population Health. Four AOE tactics for success were identified:

  1. Identify and recruit CHRI members interested in collaborating in each AOE, with an emphasis on increasing the diversity of the membership
  2. Consider unique research areas for Nebraska, such as rural health, maternal/child health, and UNMC’s global network that can potentially increase impact in each CHRI AOE
  3. Identify external funding opportunities that CHRI AOEs will successfully access
  4. Structure CHRI administration and resources to support each AOE