Our Vision & Mission

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To provide every child an equal opportunity for a healthy life through leading-edge innovation and discovery.
To support talented CHRI researchers in innovative research and collaborative discovery to improve the health of children everywhere.
  1. Elevate and Integrate Research: Foster, sustain and integrate high impact pediatric research across Children's Hospital & Medical Center, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, partner institutions, and the communities that we serve.
  2. Develop Premier Investigators: Promote an environment that recruits, retains, and advances established investigators while strategically mentoring and investing resources to drive sustained growth of early-career faculty, our future leaders in child health research. 
  3. Ensure Our Discoveries Impact Child Health: Discoveries will be disseminated, discussed, critically reviewed and then integrated into practice in clinics, hospitals and populations to improve the health of every child and prepare each child for a fulfilling and productive life.