University of Nebraska Medical Center

Medulloblastoma Collaborative

The Medulloblastoma Collaborative formed due to connections made at the CHRI Pediatric Cancer Research Symposium.


To improve the life of children with high-risk medulloblastomas


To capitalize on complementary biomedical expertise within CHRI and the greater University of Nebraska campuses to collaboratively advance our understanding of high-risk medulloblastoma pathophysiology and therapeutics


  1. To allow for free exchange of ideas that may result in better quality research
  2. To provide a panel of MB experts who may provide peer review for future projects, manuscripts and grants
  3. To eventually procure multi-PI national funding


bhakat nagendrachaturvedi.jpeg
Kishor Bhakat, PhD, Scientist
Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Nagendra Chaturvedi, PhD, Scientist
Assistant Professor and Research Scientist, Division of Hematology/Oncology
coulter.jpeg arnette_klugh.jpeg
Don Coulter, MD, Hematologist
Professor, Division of Pediatric Hematology
Arnett Klugh, MD, Neurosurgeon
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
sidharth-mahapatra---pediatric-critical-care---2015_72dpisquare.jpg mahato.jpeg
Sidharth Mahapatra, MD, PhD, Critical Care Clinician and Scientist
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics 
Ram I. Mahato, PhD, Scientist
Chair and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences



Aaron Mohs, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sutapa Ray, PhD, Scientist
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
angie-rizzino.jpeg afshin_salehi.jpeg
Angie Rizzino, PhD, Scientist
Professor, Eppley Institute
Afshin Salehi, MD, MS, Neurosurgeon
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Paul Trippier, PhD
Associate Professor and Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program