About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials improve our ability to diagnose, treat and prevent illness. Unfortunately, children are often underrepresented in clinical research. There are fewer clinical trials published with pediatric patients, particularly randomized controlled trials and multi-center studies. This significantly impacts our ability to provide evidence-based medical care for children. There is also a mismatch between the kinds of patients affected by common pediatric illnesses and the sites of pediatric studies, which highlights our need to expand pediatric clinical trials so that the children studied are the most like the children we care for every day in Nebraska.

           Clinical Trial Basics Diagram

Expanding our ability to perform high quality, multi-center pediatric clinical trials that include underrepresented populations is essential to increase our understanding of child health and the quality of the information we gain from clinical research. Additionally, expanding pediatric clinical trials allows us to provide children with greater access to cutting-edge medical care. The Nebraska Pediatric Clinical Trials Unit will work with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the IDeA States Pediatric Network to begin to fill those gaps and improve the health of children in Nebraska and beyond.

For more information on clinical trials and the use of children in research, please visit:
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