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POPS Study

'Pharmacokinetics of Understudied Drugs Administered to Children
per Standard of Care'

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The ISPN has teamed up with the Pediatric Trial Network and Duke Clinical Research Institute to study a variety of drugs in the pediatric population. Many medications used in children are based on adult dosing, rather than the unique properties of children. Improving our understanding of how children process medications can increase our ability to quickly and accurately manage pediatric disease.

Problem: Some medicines that doctors give kids have not been studied to see how they work in children.

Goal: To learn more about how these medicines work in children and figure out the best ways to use them. For example:

How will this study help?

If your child is already being given one of these medicines as part of their normal care, we will draw an extra tube of blood the next time they have lab work done. This blood will be sent for special testing to see how much medicine is in their blood.

We will get this same information from thousands of kids all over the world. When we have enough samples, we can figure out how the medicine works for kids in general.

For more information about the POPS study being conducted at UNMC and Children's Hospital & Medical Center, please review the following flyers designed for parents and families:

IRB #108-18-CB 

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