Clinical Trials

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are a major part of clinical research and help to advance medical care. There are a variety of ways they can be used, such as looking at new ways to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease. The goal of clinical trials is to determine whether these approaches or interventions are effective and safe. Clinical trial studies may involve:

- New medicines or treatment plans
- New dosing or indications for approved drugs
- New ways of doing surgery
- New medical devices
- New ways to use existing treatments
- New behaviors that can be used to improve health
- New ways to help people with acute or chronic disease


Who Can Participate?

Both healthy and sick volunteers may participate in clinical trials. Common reasons for participating in clinical research are to advance science, help people with a specific disease, or to receive experimental treatments. There are many rules and regulations in place to ensure that studies protect the safety and privacy of participants. To learn more about clinical trials, please visit the NIH Clinical Trials website.