Publication Emerges from Writing Workshop

A remarkable 11 Department of Pediatrics faculty members are co-authors of a new article in Hospital Pediatrics, titled “Trends and Variation in Care and Outcomes for Children Hospitalized with Acute Gastroenteritis.”1 This publication emerged from an extended interactive exercise at the Pediatric Writing Workshop that CHRI hosted on September 16-17, 2019. Aleisha Nabower, MD, assistant professor in the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, spearheaded this project and is first-author on the publication. Dr. Nabower kindly took time to respond to questions about this study for the Research Bulletin.

Q: Where did the idea for a Paper-in-a-Day exercise at the Pediatric Writing Workshop come from?

A: The paper-in-a-day format has been used at several national meetings as a teaching tool to review what the PHIS database is, how to design a research question using the database, examining the limitations of the database, and then create a general outline for writing a manuscript.

Q: What is the Pediatric Health Information System, the source of data in your study?

A: The Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS) database is a de-identified electronic database that contains clinical and resource utilization data from more than 52 Children’s Hospitals. This includes data for inpatient, ambulatory surgery, emergency department, and observation unit patients.

Q: What were the primary questions you addressed by querying this database, and what conclusions emerged from the study?

A: We posed two primary questions: (1) Were there differences in trends in adherence to gastroenteritis guidelines over time between Children’s Hospitals? (2) Was there a correlation between hospital-level clinical outcomes and rates of adherence to gastroenteritis clinical guidelines?

Q: To what extent were you and your colleagues able to delve into manuscript writing during the one-and-a-half day workshop?

The majority of the data analysis was conducted prior to the workshop. However, with changes to the analysis plan recommended by the group, new analysis could be performed by the statistician assisting with the process in real-time. The group then spent a couple hours working in smaller groups to draft out each portion of the paper as well as create the concepts for the tables and figures that would be pertinent to include, which were then designed by our data analyst and sent out to the group with the completed first draft of the manuscript.

  1. Nabower AM, Hall M, Burrows J, Dave A, Deschamp A, Dike CR, Euteneuer JC, Mauch T, McCulloh R, Ortmann L, Simonsen K, Skar G, Snowden J, Taylor V, Markham JL. Trends and Variation in Care and Outcomes for Children Hospitalized With Acute Gastroenteritis. Hospital Pediatrics. 2020 Jul;10(7):547-554.