CHRI Publications, June 2020

Aortopathy in Congenital Heart Disease. Cotts TB, Salciccioli KB, Swanson SK*, Yetman AT*. Cardiology Clinics. 2020;38(3):325-336.
*Division of Pediatric Cardiology

Efficacy and Safety of a Ketogenic Diet in Children and Adolescents with Refractory Epilepsy-A Review. Wells J, Swaminathan A, Paseka J, Hanson C*. Nutrients. 2020 Jun 17;12(6):E1809.
*Medical Nutrition Education Division

Exploring the gender gap: Letters of recommendation to pediatric surgery fellowship. Hoffman A, Ghoubrial R, McCormick M, Matemavi P, Cusick R. The American Journal of Surgery. 2020 Jun;219(6):932-936.
*Pediatric Surgery

Extracellular Vesicles in Viral Infections of the Nervous System. Kutchy NA, Peeples ES*, Sil S, Liao K, Chivero ET, Hu G, Buch S. Viruses. 2020 Jun 28;12(7):E700.
*Division of Neonatology

"Good-Parent Beliefs": Research, Concept, and Clinical Practice. Weaver MS*, October T, Feudtner C, Hinds PS. Pediatrics. 2020 Jun;145(6):e20194018.
*Division of Pediatric Palliative Care

Long non-coding RNA profiling of pediatric Medulloblastoma. Kesherwani V, Shukla M, Coulter DW*, Sharp JG, Joshi SS, Chaturvedi NK*. BMC Medical Genomics. 2020 Jun 26;13(1):87.
*Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy

A Novel Combination Approach Targeting an Enhanced Protein Synthesis Pathway in MYC-driven (Group 3) Medulloblastoma. Chaturvedi NK*, Kling MJ, Griggs CN, Kesherwani V, Shukla M, McIntyre EM, Ray S*, Liu Y, McGuire TR, Sharp JG, Band H, Joshi SS, Coulter DW*. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2020 Jun;19(6):1351-1362.
*Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
Eppley Institute

Simulation Training in Urology: State of the Art and Future Directions. Canalichio KL, Berrondo C*, Lendvay TS. Advances in Medical Education and Practice. 2020 Jun 2;11:391-396.
*Urologic Surgery

Transition Readiness in Teens and Young Adults with Congenital Heart Disease: Can We Make a Difference? Uzark K, Yu S, Lowery R, Afton K, Yetman AT*, Cramer J, Rudd N, Cohen S, Gongwer R, Gurvitz M. Journal of Pediatrics. 2020 Jun;221:201-206.e1.
*Pediatric Cardiology
Department of Internal Medicine

Trends and Variation in Care and Outcomes for Children Hospitalized With Acute Gastroenteritis. Nabower AM*, Hall M, Burrows J*, Dave A*, Deschamp A*, Dike CR*, Euteneuer JC*, Mauch T*, McCulloh R*, Ortmann L*, Simonsen K*, Skar G*, Snowden J, Taylor V, Markham JL. Hospital Pediatrics. 2020 Jul;10(7):547-554.
*Department of Pediatrics