CHRI Publications, May 2020

Jiang X, Wu S, Kuss M, Kong Y, Shi W, Streubel PN, Li T*, Duan B. 3D printing of multilayered scaffolds for rotator cuff tendon regeneration. Bioactive Materials. 2020 May 7;5(3):636-643.
*Department of Pediatrics

Allen LB, Genaro-Mattos TC, Anderson A, Porter NA, Mirnics K*, Korade Z. Amiodarone Alters Cholesterol Biosynthesis through Tissue-Dependent Inhibition of Emopamil Binding Protein and Dehydrocholesterol Reductase 24. ACS Chemical Neuroscience. 2020 May 20;11(10):1413-1423.
* Munroe-Meyer Institute
† Division of Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Aylward P, Samson K, Raynor S, Cusick R*. Operative management of urachal remnants: An NSQIP based study of postoperative complications. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020 May;55(5):873-877.
* Pediatric Surgery

Weaver MS*, Robinson JE, Shostrom VK, Hinds PS. Telehealth Acceptability for Children, Family, and Adult Hospice Nurses When Integrating the Pediatric Palliative Inpatient Provider during Sequential Rural Home Hospice Visits. Journal of Palliative Medicine. 2020 May;23(5):641-649.
* Division of Pediatric Palliative Care, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
†Division of Pediatric Cardiology

Hetland B*, Lindroth H, Guttormson J, Chlan LL. 2020 - The Year that needed the nurse: Considerations for critical care nursing research and practice emerging in the midst of COVID-19. Heart & Lung. 2020 May 3;49(4):342–3.
*College of Nursing

Sliker BH, Goetz BT, Barnes R, King H, Maurer HC, Olive KP, Solheim JC*. HLA-B influences integrin beta-1 expression and pancreatic cancer cell migration. Experimental Cell Research. 2020 May 15;390(2):111960.
*Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Department of Pathology and Microbiology