Executive Director's Note, 7 Nov 2019

Hello! I’m excited to provide an update on CHRI activities over the past month. We have been very busy with a variety of projects that will impact our Child Health researchers positively. 

andersonberry-jpgWe have been actively inviting researchers to apply for membership in CHRI as part of our inaugural year of researcher membership. If you haven’t yet applied, please review your invitation or see our website for the application process. Membership applications will be reviewed every 2-4 weeks by the Internal Operations Committee. Congratulations to those members who were approved in our first group!

You may have heard that we will be evaluating the requests for use of Pediatric Research Office (PRO) resources, such as research nurses, based on intake forms from this point forward.  The PRO is thankfully very busy, and research nurses and research coordinators are a limited resource.  Additionally, even industry funded studies can cost us money to perform, so to be mindful of our human and financial resources we will need to evaluate what studies we can commit to accepting.  Please fill out an intake form before committing to any studies, and even before applying for internal grants if they will need PRO resources. We can help tailor your requests and this will allow us to work on as many projects with as many investigators as is possible.

Speaking of new projects, a new round of CHRI grants was selected by the review panel and will soon be announced by Bill Rizzo, MD We have one additional cycle of grants to review in 2019, and are hoping to have a robust number of submissions. I know many of you attended the “Collaboration Initiative” retreat at UNL in late October and I am looking forward to seeing multiple grant submissions to that internal funding opportunity from CHRI researchers. Also, please see the article this month about Gwenn Skar, MD, our first CHRI Scholar. Congratulations Gwenn!

Please remember that Matt Sandbulte, our CHRI grant writer, is available to help with writing for internal (e.g., CHRI Pilot, Edna Ittner, Otis Glebe) and external grant submissions. My goal is to increase our NIH and external foundation grant submissions in 2020. CHRI can help you to get these ready, through Sponsored Programs Administration, and on their way to funding. Contact Ashley Servais, CHRI Research Manager, as early as possible to coordinate the submission process.

As always, please email me if you have any questions regarding CHRI. Have a great month!


Ann Anderson Berry, MD
CHRI Interim Executive Director