Executive Director's Note, 10 Dec 2019

CHRI Priorities & Activities:
Update from Dr. Anderson Berry

Happy Holidays from CHRI! We are staying busy on a variety of tasks this month. One of the most impactful was our recent visit to the Kansas City Children’s Mercy Children’s Research Institute. Dr. Tom Curran, executive director and chief scientific officer; Dr. Kieran Pemberton, senior director, research development; Dr. Kathy Goggin, deputy director of population health; Dr. Steve Leeder, deputy director of precision therapeutics; and Dr. Sue Rahman, deputy director of innovations in healthcare, in addition to institute staff hosted us for 24 andersonberry-jpghours in early December. The team at Kansas City Mercy were so accommodating and helpful in mentoring us as we embark on growing our research institute with similar goals and in a midwestern, free-standing children’s hospital.

Topics covered ranged from governance structure and strategic planning, membership structure and work processes for research support and financial procedures. We went with a five-page list of questions covering a wide range of topics and left with so many answers, resources and opportunities for new collaborations. I have no doubt that with the work of all of the members and staff of CHRI - and with the dedicated support of Children’s, the Children’s board and UNMC - we will be able to achieve the caliber and amount of amazing research that is happening in Kansas City’s Children’s Research Institute before long.

One important opportunity for development is community partnerships. Through the generosity of their community, Children’s Research Institute is building a 9-story research tower that is integrated with their pediatric hospital. They have been able to integrate their research impact message with clinical care and community benefit. This messaging will also be necessary for us to grow at CHRI. Please be generous with sharing your stories of the impactful research you and your groups are doing as we reach out to you for information. We have a lot to share with our community as well!

Below is a picture of our group on our hard hat tour of this amazing facility!

Have a great holiday season and please always reach out to me if you have any questions regarding CHRI.

Ann Anderson Berry, MD, PhD
Interim Executive Director, CHRI