Executive Director's Note, May 2020

anderson-berry-photo-2.jpgI hope this month’s newsletter finds you well and planning your reentry into clinical, translational, and basic science research.  We are focused on that at CHRI with plans developing to help our investigators successfully reenter research activities.

In evaluating clinical trials for reopening, we are ensuring that studies meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Studies meet the current UNMC guidelines for reopening
  2. If the study is sponsored, the sponsor is agreeable to opening the study
  3. If the study is supported by coordinators from the Pediatric Research Office, they have the capacity to support the study
  4. The clinical manager for the clinical area for the research agrees that the research can be safely started

As with everything these days, communication is going to be critical to ensuring that everything is done safely and within the current COVID-19 guidelines for the institutions where we work. If you have questions or concerns please reach out and we will help to get you operating as soon as possible.

Additionally, we are exploring our options for starting telehealth research visits, and welcome any additional ideas you might have for performing high quality research in this new and evolving environment.

For bench research, as the UNMC campus opens June 1st, the main priority will be to follow physical distancing guidelines and maintain a safe work environment.

We continually strive to support COVID-19 research as able, and to help evaluate studies as they work through the UNMC COVID-19 review process.

Thanks for all you do for child health, keep moving forward. I am confident that we will resume all work in the next several months and will do our best to ensure your productivity.

Best regards,