Executive Director Note, Oct. 2020

anderson-berry-photo-2.jpgI would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Children’s CEO, Chanda Chacón, and UNMC Chancellor Gold on the signing of the CHRI agreement between the two institutions.

This is a landmark event for CHRI as the agreement allows for the formation of an advisory board, which will be composed of three members from each institution and two community members. The CHRI Advisory Board will select the CHRI executive director and will provide feedback and guidance on strategy, goals and direction forward for the institute.

Additionally, the agreement provides for the selection of a National Scientific Advisory Board – a group of 3-6 nationally recognized scientists and administrators who will evaluate CHRI on a semi-annual basis and provide recommendations to help CHRI excel with the resources made available to us by our sponsoring institutions. Once the CHRI Advisory Board is chosen, convenes and selects a permanent executive director, the National Scientific Advisory Board will be assembled and the first virtual meeting and evaluation will be conducted.

We have been busy over the last month at CHRI working on strategic planning both for CHRI and Children’s. With Children’s identified strategy to promote discovery and innovation through research, Don Coulter, Rusty McCulloh, and I were engaged in developing specific tactics to ensure measurable success of the plan. The initial CHRI 5-year strategic plan is currently being vetted with Internal Operations Committee Members and the Area of Emphasis Leaders prior to adoption and approval by the Advisory Board. We are excited to share the plan with all of our members very soon.

COVID-19 continues to be a significant influence on all of our activities, and we encourage all research teams to continue to be vigilant in your operations and activities, including excellent hand hygiene, mask wearing, eye-protection, social distancing and working from home when it is practical.

We continue to have a number of investigators working in the COVID-19 and MIS-C clinical arenas. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to this vulnerable patient population and your willingness to coordinate with the multiple studies we are currently supporting.

Finally, due to your success and large scientific work output, we are getting to the point where our research staff is very busy around the clock. Please remember that we need to be proactive in scheduling statistical support and grant submission. Please reach out to CHRI as soon as possible so that we can provide you with the best possible experience in supporting your research.

Thanks for all you do to improve child health!