Executive Director's Note, April 2021

As Nebraska weather starts to get serious about turning to spring, we are certainly not playing around at CHRI. The staff at the Pediatric Research Office (PRO) remain busy with our exciting projects and events. We are rapidly onboarding new studies, both investigator-initiated studies and industry trials, including several designed to understand and combat COVID-19 and others aimed at a multitude of issues in anderson-berry-photo-2.jpgpediatric medicine.

The CHRI Pediatric Research Forum is almost here. We look forward to your virtual attendance and participation for the forum starting Thursday, May 13.

The Pediatric Cancer Research Group just held a successful mini summit, bringing investigators together to discuss ongoing projects and new project ideas, allowing for new collaboration opportunities among attendees.

CHRI is always excited to take on new opportunities to impact and improve child health. But, we can’t do it without you! As we are a relatively new institute, many people don’t yet know what our core mission is, who CHRI members are, and how they can engage with CHRI. So this month, I'm offering a quick review and some MYTH BUSTING:


CHRI is for UNMC faculty only.  

FALSE! Any individual affiliated with Children's, UNMC, or Nebraska Medicine who is interested in child health research can join. The members of CHRI are from a wide variety of backgrounds and training. In all likelihood if you are reading this message, you are eligible to be a member! We have four membership types: full, associate, affiliate and trainee.

Membership includes access to many innovative talks, lectures, seminars, and engaging opportunities. It will allow you to reframe your work in child health and take innovative ideas to the next level. Membership is about connections, relationship building and moving ideas forward in all stages from everyone who is engaged and passionate about kids. We want nurses, advanced practice providers, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, radiology technicians, pharmacists, dieticians, child life specialists, and the list goes on and on… everyone is encouraged to join!


All of the lectures and seminars at CHRI are filled with too much basic science for me.

FALSE! Our lectures and our research in child health do cover a lot of bench or basic science work in cancer metabolism and brain injury, but we also have research in sports medicine, child life, nutrition, public health, obesity, feeding, and too many other areas to list. There is really something for everyone here, and as much as you learn with your “boots on the ground expertise,” you also are likely to have something to contribute to the conversation. And, these discussions are only a Zoom link away. If you are available, you can jump right on to the Zoom from your phone or computer and expand your knowledge.


All of the funding for research goes to basic science faculty.  

FALSE! CHRI internal grants fund work for clinical trials covering all types of research, and we fund residents, medical students, fellows, nurses, APPs and others who have faculty mentors. No mentor?  Reach out to us! We know plenty and can get you connected with someone who can help your project move forward. The goal of CHRI is to advance excellent ideas, and there is no way to tell where the next great idea is going to come from.  So we are open to everyone!

We want each of you to be a member and participant in the research and scholarly activities of CHRI. Take some time to explore our website, talk with members and submit your own membership application. It takes less than 10 minutes to access invaluable resources for your career and research!

Looking forward to working with you,