CHRI Grant Resource Library

The Child Health Research Institute is pleased to announce another new resource to support our investigators in pursuing extramural funding – the CHRI Grant Resource Library. Writing competitive research proposals demands good ideas, deep knowledge of your field, and pouring time into writing compelling specific aims and research plans. But even all of that only gets you partway through a grant application.

The rest of the application includes all of the elements that demonstrate you have the right people, institutional support, physical resources, access to patients or laboratory models, and plans in place to do the research responsibly. These pieces may seem secondary to the idea-driven scientific parts of the application, but they can consume lots of time, too, especially for less experienced PIs.

The CHRI Grant Resource Library contains guides and templates that are intended to help make the process more efficient and successful. The library will grow with time – based on the feedback and contributions from investigators who use it. Here are some of the resources it contains at launch:

In the future, we plan to add slides or videos of presentations delivered locally (e.g. with CHRI, Pediatrics, or Children’s sponsorship) on grants writing. We also hope to add a “shelf” in the library that will house copies of well-scored grant applications by PIs who volunteer them as resources to their colleagues in CHRI.

This project was partly inspired by the UNMC Vice-Chancellor for Research (VCR) Office’s Grant Resource Library. The two libraries are complementary, so watch for valuable tools on that site also. Like the UNMC-wide grant resource library, the CHRI library site is password protected. Anyone with a UNMC login credential can log in directly. Investigators with a Children’s, Nebraska Medicine, or UNL email address can access the CHRI Grant Resource Library with a simple registration.

Please contact Matt Sandbulte, CHRI Grant & Scientific Writer, with any questions or with your ideas about growing the Grant Resource Library in the future.