Biostatistics Support

Junghyae Lee, PhD, MPH, Biostatistician II in UNMC’s Department of Biostatistics, is dedicated to supporting CHRI investigators with assistance in research design and biostatistics. CHRI members are encouraged to consult with Dr. Lee early in their research projects for support ranging from experimental design and calculating required sample size to analysis of data sets and portrayal of data in presentations and manuscripts.

To reach out to Dr. Lee for assistance with a project, email her at An online project intake form will be developed in the near future.

Please note: Dr. Lee’s time fills up quickly. Providing high-quality statistical consultation and support requires notification well in advance of investigators’ deadlines. To ensure adequate time to work together and fulfill your objectives successfully, CHRI leadership strongly recommends you contact Dr. Lee in accordance with the timelines below. These align with the established service request timelines that the UNMC Center for Collaboration on Research Design & Analysis (CCORDA) asks investigators to follow. Late requests may be denied.


Time Before Deadline

External Grant Submission

6-8 weeks

CHRI Pilot Grant

2-4 weeks

IDeA-CTR Pilot Grant

2-4 weeks


3 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks


Posted January 26, 2021