Working with Students

In addition to participating in the UNMC Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), the PRO works closely with UNMC and Children’s on allowing students to participate in research. Any student interested in research will need training and to be supervised by a PI. If you have a student you wish to work with, please contact the PRO for next steps.

Any interest in hosting a SURP student requires notification to the PRO by February 1.  

If you would like to work with a student outside of the SURP program, early notification to the PRO is necessary. For summer students, the PRO should be notified no later than March 1 to ensure we can grant them access to the appropriate systems in time. We work closely with the Office of Education at CHMC to ensure any research conducted by students is done so under proper supervision.

Note, getting students access to the EMR at Nebraska Medicine and/or Children’s Hospital and Medical Center can take a few weeks or longer. If the students are coming from a school other than UNMC or Creighton, an institutional agreement may need to be established with their University. 

Please let us know at which institution the student will be working at and which systems they will need access to as soon as it is known.