Project Intake and Review Process

We’re receiving an extremely high volume of new study requests. At this time, there may be some delay before the PRO can take on any new studies. We will continue to review requests and accommodate as best we can. 

PRO Intake Process

The Pediatric Research Office is happy to provide our investigators with a variety of clinical research support services, ranging from single consultations to full participation at every step of the research process.

In order to best assess the level of support needed for a study, including the personnel and financial needs, we require that all investigators complete and submit a PRO Intake Form for review. With the submission of an intake form, a study protocol and proposed budget must be included. If there is not currently funding available for the proposed study, a plan for obtaining funding or a justification for supporting an unfunded project should be provided. For any new research services support, please complete the online REDCap intake form for approval by the CHRI team.

Note, if you plan to apply for CHRI funds through one of the available CHRI pilot grant applications, the PRO must receive your intake form, proposed budget, and research plan outline at least two weeks prior to the grant submission deadline. This is to allow the PRO to adequately advise the CHRI grant review committee on available resources and financial feasibility. 

CHRI Project Review Process

The PRO has revamped its study intake workflow to provide better transparency in the decision making process. The below diagram outlines how a new study proposal is handled once a study intake form and other required documents are received. 

This revised process has been approved by the CHRI Internal Operations Committee and will go into effect immediately. 

The PRO staff is always happy to answer questions, assist with budgeting, and provide guidance on all research related matters. This formal process is solely for the use of retaining PRO resources for a committed period of time on a project. For a look at the checklist the PRO Review Group will use to determine feasibility, please click here.

PRO Intake Diagram

Click here for a printable version of this diagram.