CHRI Pilot Grants

Description of Pilot Program

Eligible applicants must have a faculty appointment at UNMC, but they can be primarily based at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center or Creighton University Medical Center. Applicants from non-Pediatric departments who have a primary research commitment to pediatrics are also eligible. UNMC residents, fellows and medical students are encouraged to apply.

Two categories of grant applications will be considered: CHRI Research Grants and CHRI Mini-Grants.

Grant awards will be for a period of one year with the option to carry over funds for a second unfunded year, if requested. Unspent funds will revert back to the general CHRI Research Fund after completion of the research period.

CHRI Fund Grant Application Process

Applications must adhere to the appropriate formats as indicated on the CHRI Grant Application templates, which may be downloaded from the links on the right. Please note that the format differs for the CHRI Research Grant and the CHRI Mini-Grant.

A detailed and reasonable budget must be submitted and justified. Salary for faculty, clinical staff or pediatric fellows/residents will not be permitted. Various costs to support the research project are allowed, including research supplies, contract services, clinical tests, laboratory technicians who do testing, statistical analysis, research software, small equipment, publication costs and travel to national meetings to present research results (travel not allowed for Mini-grants). Stipends for summer students are permitted. Please justify costs whenever possible, since smaller, more efficient grant budgets will permit more research projects to be funded. Inadequate justification of budget items may lead to cuts in total funding awarded. Matching funds for the research, if necessary and available, should be stipulated and supported by a letter from the applicant’s Division or Department chair.

If you plan on using gift cards as a part of your research grant, please refer to Gift Card Procedures and review the new procedures for the use of gift cards, as there have been some major changes.  Then, you can access the Gift Card Request Form, fill out all information except for #12, and send it to Patty Davis in the department of Pediatrics (Campus Zip 2165) and she will process it from there.

Prior to submitting a grant application, applicants are encouraged to contact the UNMC Center for Collaboration on Research Design and Analysis (CCORDA) for assistance with the design of research studies and statistical analysis. The statistical consultation costs are often defrayed by the College of Medicine.

Submission of a grant application implies that the grant has been reviewed and approved by the corresponding Division Chief and that sufficient time and/or resources will be allowed to conduct the research.

The CHRI Research Committee will review grant applications for scientific merit and feasibility. Review criteria will include scoring for Significance, Innovation, Research Approach, Investigator/Resources and Potential for Future External Funding. An overall Impact score will be assigned to each grant application. All applicants will receive a summary of the Committee’s review. Applicants will be permitted to resubmit a revised grant application that addresses reviewers’ concerns.

Approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) does not need to be obtained prior to grant submission, but approval must be certified prior to release of funds.

A Progress Report must be submitted to the CHRI Research Committee after 1 year, and at the completion of the project if it extends into the second year. Results of research grants will be presented at the annual Pediatric Research Forum.

Publications arising from the research must acknowledge the support of the CHRI Research Fund.

Any publications arising from this grant award should be forwarded to the CHRI Research Committee.

Submission of applications electronically is preferred, either in Word or PDF format. Applications should be submitted by email to: CHRI Research Committee c/o William Rizzo, M.D.


Applications for all CHRI Research grants will be accepted quarterly (February 15, May 15, August 15, November 15).