Investigator Resources

Research Resources at UNMC

There are UNMC resources and navigators available to guide pediatric investigators every step of the way including assistance with biostatistics, IRB, electronic health record data access core, research pharmacy, sponsored programs administration, biomedical informatics, disease specific biobanks and many other core services.

Certified Principal Investigator (CPI) Certification

The CPI credential is awarded to a PI who has met eligibility requirements, demonstrated proficiency of specific knowledge and job-related skills, and passed the standardized ACRP PI Certification exam.  The CPI designation formally recognizes a PI has met the professional standards set forth by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

Clinical Translational Research Mentored Scholar Program (CTR-MSP)

The CTR-MSP (K12 Program) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center started in 2007 as the premiere program to develop scientists or health professionals who are at the junior faculty stage into productive and independent clinical and translational researchers. The overall aim of the program is to provide multidisciplinary didactic education and practical research grant training to junior faculty, who intend to develop a career in CTR, so they may acquire the skills to design, implement, and report ethically sound, extramurally funded CTR. The program is intended to serve as a pathway to accelerate the career development of these junior faculty members into independent CTR investigators. Scholars usually complete the curriculum leading to an MS or PhD degree in CTR within 3 years.

Scholars may apply for a $25,000 pilot projects grant that will support collection of vital data needed to submit extramural funding. See the link at left for the pilot grant guidelines

For more information contact Jennifer Escher, MEd, Interdisciplinary Programs Coordinator (402-559-5141 or email)

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Training

All faculty, employees students and other institutional representatives are required to complete the Human Subjects Research Course form the CITI website if they will be working on a research project that involves human subjects.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

The GCP course is designed to prepare research staff in the conduct of clinical trails with human participants based on ICH GCP Principles and the Code of Federal Regulations for clinical research trials in the U.S.

Harvard Fundamentals of Clinical Research Training

This free 12-module online course offered by HarvardX provides an introduction to the scientific, statistical and ethical aspects of clinical trials research.

Library Access - McGoogan Health Sciences Library at UNMC

Virtual Library - UNMC faculty have full access to McGoogan Health Sciences Library services.  Any Children's Hospital & Medical Center employee with access to a Children's computer has virtual library access through the Intranet.

To access the Children’s Virtual Library…

  1. You must be signed onto a computer that physically exists on the Children’s campus or remote-in to the general desktop.  Access to the Virtual Library is IP specific and does not require a special login.  Your Children’s network login will get you to the library.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and access “My Children’s”
  3. On My Children’s blue tool bar…on the right side of the tool bar…access the ‘Links & Library’ dropdown and select ‘Links & Virtual Library’
  4. On the ‘Links & Virtual Library’ scroll beyond the ‘Links’ and make a choice from the ‘Virtual Library’
  5. Investigators and Children's Hospital & Medical Center staff may request library services at no charge, using their CHMC email address.
  6. Direct questions to the Office of Education or Russ Buzalko.

NIH Bioethics Training

The NIH Department of Bioethics offers a variety of resources and opportunities to participate in web courses, live events and training programs.

NIH Clinical Trials Overview Course

This computer-based training program is designed to help NIH investigators understand and comply with applicable requirements when conducting research involving human subjects.

NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR)

The NIH Clinical Center's introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research course trains registrants on how to effectively and safely conduct clinical research, by highlighting biostatistical and epidemiologic methods, study design, protocol preparation, patient monitoring, quality assurance, ethical and legal issues and much more.

NIH Principles of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Course

This series addresses the fundamentals of clinical pharmacology from a pediatric perspective.

Research Nebraska (Elsevier)

This collaborative search tool allows users to more rapidly connect biomedical, engineering, informatics and life sciences investigators for new research collaborations.