Membership Requirements


We are an inclusive Center, welcoming students, postdocs, staff, residents, nurses, faculty, from across the University of Nebraska System, Children's Hospital, and Nebraska Medicine.

To receive benefits (e.g., Biorender, funding, etc.), members must be in good standing (i.e. meet requirements listed below)

General Requirements:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to the CHVR vision to advance an integrated program of basic, clinical and translational research related to cardiovascular medicine. This is demonstrated by actively engaging in heart and vascular research and attending CHVR events.
  2. Share areas of expertise as mentors to junior faculty, trainees, and staff. (For senior members)
  3. Participate in ad hoc review committees of funding proposals of fellow CHVR members upon request. All CHVR funding recipients agree to participate in future CHVR award review panels.

Specific Requirements:

  1. Join and actively participate in at least one Focus Group. (See Research Opportunities page for details)
  2. Attend the center's meetings, seminars, review committees, retreats and related activities as appropriate. It is expected that members will minimally attend six events per year. 
  3. List CHVR as an affiliation on all publications (manuscripts, reviews, book chapters), in oral/poster presentations, grant submissions and media announcements.
  4. Agree to maintain an updated ORCID Profile. The ORCID profile provides a centralized platform to track publications and funding.
  5. Complete an annual CHVR survey to track grant submissions that result from CHVR activities or funding, collaborative efforts with other CHVR members, mentoring, service-related, and community engagement activities.