Animal CV Subjects Core
Dr. Zucker - Director Dr. Wang - Co director
 Dr. Irving Zucker-Director   Dr. Hanjun Wang-Co Director

The CHVR’s Animal CV Subjects Core Laboratory provides a variety of established and experiment-specific animal surgical/microsurgical models for a broad range of research applications, with the primary function of meeting investigator needs. The Core Directors and staff have extensive experience with mouse, rat, and other animal surgical and microsurgical models across many disciplines. The surgical services are flexible, from straightforward single-procedure surgeries (with return to PI labs for subsequent follow-up/analysis), to complete surgical/postoperative management and final analysis with humane euthanasia. Approved IACUC protocols are in place for established models offered by the Core.

Please contact Dr. Irving Zucker, Core Director, with any questions.

Our Mission:
The three primary Core functions will be to: 1) facilitate the use of state-of-the-art surgical models for small and large animal research; 2) provide standardized animal use protocols to ensure highest rigor and reproducibility; and 3) implement educational activities to promote Core use.

Examples of Animal Models

Figure 2
Mouse myocardial infarction model in the mouse (top) and rat (bottom).