Policies and Procedures

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All procedures done in the Core Lab must be in full compliance with UNMC IACUC standards and regulations, and fully described in IACUC-approved protocols.  The majority of established models offered by the Core are within approved IACUC protocols of the Core staff.  New procedures will require approval of new protocols or amendments to existing protocols.

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The Core Lab is primarily a service facility designed to benefit CHVR investigators by providing efficient, quality-control surgical activities.  Many of these procedures take time, effort, and expertise to acquire consistent reproducible results; Core Lab staff members have the experience and expertise to provide data consistency and reproducibility.  The Core seeks to work with investigators to constantly improve quality and outcome of generated data.  For results not completely generated by the Core (e.g., work-up of harvested tissues in PI labs), the Core requests data sharing of the surgery-associated data when these findings are to be published; these data will be used by the Core as ongoing feedback on quality and consistency of the Core-offered surgical models.

With regard to teaching the techniques of surgical procedures done in the Core Lab, such training will be provided to students and post-doctoral fellows, as part of their general research education and to confer an understanding of the surgical models used in research studies. 

The Core Lab is seeking extramural support as a Core Facility of CHVR.  To this end, it is requested of users that when manuscripts are submitted for publication in which data were generated in part from Core activities, that the Core Lab is cited in the acknowledgments section of the manuscript.  This citation will promote the Core, increasing its visibility and promoting the likelihood of extramural support of the Core Lab and which would be passed on to investigators as a net decrease or possible elimination of service costs in the future, a clear benefit to all Core users.


Standard procedures include heart injury models (e.g., LAD ligation/ischemia-reperfusion) and echocardiography, peripheral vascular injury models, physiologic recordings (e.g., BP, ECG, pressure/volume loops, laser Doppler tissue perfusion, flowmetry), lung injury models, heart transplantation /Bypass Surgery, and many custom-designed models. The Core Director will meet with PIs and/or staff and students to discuss model selection, development, and applications, as well as data acquisition and analysis. Power analyses for group size determination can be done from existing data sets of the PI or from validation data established by the Core. There are also self-service equipment offerings, which include ultrasound, microsurgical work station rental and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring.

Contact the Core Director for details about these offerings:
   Microscope stations can be reserved for PI/Staff use
   Leica Confocal Microscopy: Core Service or used by trained PI/Staff