How to Begin

How to Begin:
In keeping with the CardiOmics Program’s mission to collaborate with the greater CVHR and UNMC community, we encourage inquiries concerning potential collaborations.

To initiate a collaboration:

  1. Contact Dr. Rebekah Gundry to discuss potential collaborations. During the first meeting we will discuss the science. This meeting is meant to be an open scientific exchange to review background, existing data, discuss experimental strategies, and determine if the collaboration is of mutual interest and if there is a mechanism in place to cover the costs.
  2. If there is mutual interest to move forward with a project, a scientist in the Program will be assigned to manage the project. 
    1. The Collaborator will be invited to complete the CardiOmics Project Description Form (online) and submit to the Program for review.
    2. Together, we will define the scope of the project and develop an experimental strategy. This step may require weeks to months and multiple meetings between the Investigator and Program scientists.
    3. The Program scientist will provide a Collaboration Agreement Form and a Financial Agreement Form to the Collaborator for approval.
  3. All projects must be funded before any work can begin. Specifically, salary support for the Program scientist must be in place and consumables for the project must be purchased and delivered to the Program laboratory.