Bioassay Core

Director: Bryan Hackfort, PhD  hackfort.jpg
Manager: Shelby Konfrst, BS  shelby.jpg
Mission: Provide access to routine and advanced cellular and molecular assays for cardiovascular research. Introduce new analytical capabilities using the instrumentation and computing resources available. Provide a “measure what matters” approach to guiding investigators. 

1) Provide equipment, personnel, and protocols for molecular and cellular assays including but not limited to multiplex immunoassays, RNA extraction and qPCR, automated cell sorting, automated immunoblot, human cardiomyocyte isolation followed by cellular function assays and EPR spectroscopy, advanced specimen homogenization for ‘omics, in situ hybridization, glycobiology arrays.

2) Develop and implement new assays as needed by investigators.

To learn about available services and pricing or obtain grant support documents, please email Shelby Konfrst