Acknowledging NCBR

Acknowledgment of the NCBR:

Any publication the uses specimens or data from the NCBR should include the following statement in the acknowledgments:

“Specimens and data used in this study were provided by the Nebraska Cardiovascular Biobank and Registry, which is supported by the Center for Heart and Vascular Research.”

Acknowledgment of NCBR contributors:

Currently, actions from >20 individuals are collectively required to collect a single specimen in the NCBR. Contributions by these individuals to research manuscripts can be recognized either by authorship or by acknowledgement. It is not expected that any individual is included as an author by default simply due to their role in patient care, specimen collection or data retrieval. Rather, authorship or acknowledgement are determined based on total contributions by an individual to the research and manuscript.

Please read the guidelines in detail here.

NCBR grant support documents:

If your proposed studies will use specimens or data in the NCBR, it is appropriate to include expenses in the budget to cover costs of specimen collection, processing, archiving, retrieval, and records management.

Following a consultation to discuss project goals, Dr. Anderson will provide materials to support grant applications.

Materials that are prepared for each application include:

  1. Letter of Support (customized for the project) stating availability of specimens and overview of consent process / honest broker system
  2. Facilities & Resources document for the NCBR
  3. Budget justification – descriptions and costs for specimens