Vascular Research Program

Director: Pooneh Bagher, PhD  bagher.jpg

The Vascular Research Program (VRP) is a centralized program that brings together and provides opportunities for vascular researchers from across the University of Nebraska System. 


To provide opportunities, foster collaboration, and further build and expand vascular research activities within the Nebraska System with the goal of impacting vascular medicine and patient care.


1) Increase visibility of UNMC vascular research across the state, nation, and globe.

 2) Foster interaction and collaboration between vascular researchers across the Nebraska system.

 3) Provide opportunities, scientific input, and resources to improve research productivity.

Contact Dr. Pooneh Bagher for discussions of experimental design for grant applications and publications, assistance with interpretation of vascular-related data, or if you are a vascular researcher that would like to become more involved with VRP activities.