University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kathleen Blake, MD

Dr. Blake is Vice President, Healthcare Quality at the American Medical Association. From 2013 until 2016, she was executive director of the PCPI®, which includes the National Quality Registry Network™. Dr. Blake was co-chair of the Health Information Technology Policy Committee of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology until April 2017. She is treasurer of the Governing Committee of the National Evaluation System for health Technology (NEST) coordinating center, a public private partnership advancing innovation and use of real-world evidence throughout the total product life cycle of medical devices. She serves as co-chair of the AI at the Point of Care work group for Xavier University’s AI Collaborative Community with FDA, convening AI developers, implementers, health systems and clinicians to develop an implementation playbook for these and other key stakeholders. She is an AMA subject matter expert on a wide range of health technology innovations including artificial intelligence, real world data and evidence including clinical registries and electronic health record systems, cybersecurity, appropriate use criteria and clinical decision support tools.

Dr. Blake is a clinical cardiac electrophysiologist who received her medical degree from the University of Chicago and graduate medical education in internal medicine and cardiology at Stanford University. From 1988 until 2011, Dr. Blake practiced at the New Mexico Heart Institute, where she also served as President. In 2011, she earned her Master of Public Health degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and joined the Center for Medical Technology Policy in Baltimore as a senior research director. She is a part-time faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University.

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