Dr. Joseph Drozda

Dr. Joseph Drozda

Director of Outcomes Research
Mercy Health
St. Louis, Missouri

After a career in the private practice of cardiology and as a senior health system and managed care executive, I retired and was hired by Mercy to start a health services research program for the four-state regional health system. The idea was to begin capturing and using data being generated by the system-wide Epic EHR to inform Mercy's care management strategies. Shortly after my arrival, an opportunity presented itself to develop systems, with FDA's support, for evaluating medical devices using device identifiers to join supply chain and clinical data. This soon burgeoned into formation of multi-system distributed data networks, adaptation of common data models to medical device work, and development of large data sets dealing with specific conditions, e.g., heart failure.

Current Research Interest:
National Evaluation System for health Technologies (NEST) projects:

Multi-system study using EHR data in support of an application to FDA for label expansion of cardiac ablation catheters

Development of a national system for medical device active surveillance using real world data

Key Manuscripts:
Drozda J, Zeringue A, Dummitt B, Yount B, Resnic F. How real-world evidence can really deliver: a case study of data source development and use. BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies 2020;2:e000024. doi: 10.1136/bmjsit-2019-000024

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Joseph Drozda