University of Nebraska Medical Center

Douglas A. Stoller, MD, PhD

Doug Stoller

As an advanced heart failure cardiologist serving in academia, my career goal is to translate cutting edge research into clinical practice, a goal epitomized by the Genetic Architecture of Chemotherapy-related Cardiomyopathy study. I am an advanced heart failure and heart transplant cardiologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and its primary clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine.

Nebraska Medicine's Advanced Heart Failure Program is one of the larger programs nationwide, completing 80-90 heart replacement procedures (heart transplant and VAD) per year and a key contributor to major clinical trials.

I am also the founding medical director of UNMC's Cardiovascular Genetics program, and have initiated and grown an adult cardiac genetics clinic. Collaborating with heart failure faculty, I have contributed to multiple data outcomes projects in durable mechanical support and heart transplant. I have served as the co-primary site primary investigator from UNMC, and contributed to patient recruitment and manuscript writing for the Dilated Cardiomyopathy Consortium.

Key publications

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