Message from the Associate Dean

Dear Faculty, Students, and Staff of the UNMC College of Medicine:

One of the most crucial functions of the College of Medicine is teaching the next generation of physicians to Dr. Geoff Talmoncare for not only the citizens of Nebraska, but those all over the world.  In an effort to ensure that we provide education that is of the highest quality, accrediting bodies regularly visit our campus to make sure our educational programs meet the high standards that our graduates will need to become licensed in their fields.  The Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) is the body that provides this to schools in the United States and Canada, with accreditation usually being granted for a period of 8 years.  LCME accreditation is critical to allowing the COM to fulfill its educational mission.

The accreditation process involves collection and review of data and policies touching essentially every aspect of the College’s operation, infrastructure, and curriculum to ensure that our practices meet 12 standards related to the function and structure of a medical school.  Important to this effort is an internal self-study assessing our level of compliance in each area by faculty, staff, and students. 

More than this, this process affords us the opportunity to engage in continuous quality improvement.  To this end, we have convened a standing LCME Self-Study Task Force that is responsible for assessing our program on a regular basis.  It and its six appendant subcommittees made up of more than 40 faculty/staff members and learners, review data, identify areas of concern, and report to COM leadership on an annual basis.  These groups will be writing a final self-study document and compiling data required by the LCME into a package known as the Data Collection Instrument.  The Office of Medical Education provides support in this initiative.

Our students also play an integral role in the accreditation process.  They lead the Independent Student Analysis (ISA) which reviews the medical program compliance with LCME standards from the perspective of the students and provides recommendations for improvement to the self-study committees.

The LCME’s site visit will likely occur during the fall of 2021.  While this may seem like a long time away, this process will require assistance from all departments, units, personnel, and students to allow for data collection/review, identification of needs, and ample time to follow up on issues.

It is our aim for all faculty, staff, and students to be knowledgeable in the accreditation process and understand its importance.  We have developed this website as a quick reference to help meet this goal.  Here, you can see the list of individuals involved in the effort, the accreditation timeline, and the status of ongoing initiatives related to items identified in the self-study process.

Thank you for all that you do.  Do not hesitate to reach out if you would like additional information or to be involved in the accreditation process.

Geoffrey Talmon, MD, MEd
LCME Faculty Accreditation Lead
Associate Dean of Medical Education, College of Medicine